Weddings, Ceremonies and Blessings

As an Ordained Interfaith Minister it is my delight to perform ceremonies that are heart created, momentous, and significant to those coming together in union with each other. After meeting and speaking with the couple it is then my pleasure to ensure that each ceremony lovingly expresses the quintessence of their love for each other. It is my desire to create a service that has the comforts and well being of the participants as the heart of the ceremony, and one that will have their friends and family forever grateful to have witnessed.

I became an Ordained Minister  to complete where my dad left off on becoming a minister before he departed this earth.I know he’s in heaven smiling down on me.

Also, there has been a response to the growing need for non-religious and interfaith personalized wedding ceremonies, baby welcoming ceremonies, and memorials to accommodate the growing number of people who still want to celebrate life’s rites of passage with special ceremonies without having to strictly adhere to a particular faith’s doctrines. I will honor your beliefs, whether you follow a certain religious tradition, consider yourself more spiritual than religious, or if you are an atheist.

No matter what religious or cultural background you have, I will work with you to design a ceremony that celebrates your union (or your baby’s arrival) while creating connections among your family and friends without having to sacrifice your own needs and preferences.


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