Angel minister 1

Angela’s ability is in undoubtedly receiving and relaying the loving guidance spirit communicates to her and through her. She states: “Within my work as being clear auditory, I have come to realize that we all receive assistance and guidance from the world of chi and life-source. That includes those who have passed over, guardian angels and spirit guides. It truly is not a question of whether we can hear or feel their presence.  What I now know, without any uncertainty at all, is that these angelic, loving energetic beings, whether loved ones who are crossed over, angels or guides, wish to connect with us as much as we wish to hear from them.”  This guidance is a blessing of unequaled opportunity and not to be missed. Rev. Angela Brent-Harris brings to all the message of optimism and of a love that surpasses this world.

Performing wedding ceremonies is very gratifying for me because I obtain an expansion of profound, personal satisfaction from having the honor of uniting Couples on such an important occasion in their lives.  I truly revel in listening to people’s special love stories and creating memorable ceremonies out of them because everyone has a special story to share, and it should be celebrated!

Also, there’s nothing quite like meeting with a Family to converse about the arrival of their new bundle of joy.  Babies are gifts from God, and they bring such hope and happiness to their Families.

I therefore stay focused on conveying the exact sentiments my Families are looking for.

I get to create new and special memories with my Couples and Families, and I take that honor very earnestly.  The relationships I build with my Couples and Families are ones that I cherish and respect.  Serving others by officiating weddings and other life events with warmth and joy has become one of my greatest passions, and I am fortunate enough to have it fulfilled from time to time!  I live my life surrounded by Love, and it just doesn’t get any better than that!

I am truly blessed!


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